ATR ™ mPath Transit 
A comprehensive Multimodal 511 transit application based on mPath Radar. mPath Transit is compatible with Automatic Vehicle Location Services, and by using its GPS data connector capability, works with all major GPS service providers and Cellular Networks. mPath transit alerts riders of a transit system to the impending arrival of their bus, taxi or train based on the location of their cellphone relative to the arriving unit.


ATR ™ mPath Operator 
A robust, well tested Interactive Voice Response system that answers, routes, and shapes voice traffic into your enterprise. Built on Microsoft Speech Server with scalable component technology, mPath Operator allows you to multiply the power of your call center and deliver professional enterprise class telephone systems at small business pricing.


ATR ™ mPath multiModal 
Using the capability of cellphones to enable and deliver mobile content, and transactions between server based applications and mobile or hand held cell phones. mPath send will allow you to send your location to someone else, in the course of a call, or to send/receive files such as ringtone. ETA Jan. 2006.

ATR ™ mPath Radar 
Bringing the power of GIS to the field, mPath Radar Routes units, reduces call volume, and alerts or updates by telephone; streamlining your dispatch operation. Offering both inbound and outbound calling, and map based work and alert response assignment, mPath radar allows your dispatchers to work more effeciently, make less mistakes, and manage communication effectively.

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